After achieving Bachelor on Commercial English, I came to Burgundy, France to learn wine and marketing. Before coming here, I knew quite few about wine. Now I became more and more interested in wine itself and the all the things related to it. So far, I don't have any real professional career yet, but I'm sure I will start it shortly after my six months internship in France, and then go back to China and do wine business .


  从城市中心的共和广场向东延伸便是香槟大道,大道两侧林立着香槟酒厂和文艺复兴时代的古典豪宅,这条著名的大道经过重新设计和装修,目前已经成为人们感受香槟伟大历史的胜地。那些建于19世纪的久负盛名的香槟制造商、贸易商就云集于此,包括Moet &Chandon、Mercier、Boizel、Comtesse Lafond、De Castellane Esterlin、Perrier-Jouet、Pol Roger和De Venoge等。共有100 多公里长的酒窖埋在这个城市的地下,2000万瓶香槟酒沉睡在酒窖中。这里的人行道几乎与车道等宽,当你信步走在香槟大道上,不由得会想来源中国酒业新闻网象千百万瓶的香槟在长100公里的地道里静静等待着时光的流逝,从而使它们变得更加醇香。
  一些香槟酒厂提供一小时的参观和品酒服务,如在Dom Perignon,游客可以参观拿破仑饮用香槟的地点。Mercier香槟酒厂拥有香槟地区最大的酒窖,长达18公里,深30米。从1871年开始,由2000多人历时6年挖掘而成。酒窖内十分宽敞,除用于存放香槟外,还可供人乘坐“自控小火车”浏览参观。在酩悦酒庄,在45分钟的参观时间内,游客可参观陈放有上百万瓶香槟的大酒窖。此外,还有可瞻仰著名的唐培里侬香槟王(Dom Pérignon)的创造者Pérignon修士的故居和香槟王的小型历史博物馆。

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 Prowein in Dusseldorf, Germany. Cheers!!!

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Hello Everyone~~

Well, nice to be on tumblr, although it’s the first time I get to use it, I start to feel the its attractiveness. Perhaps the only thing which makes me feel uncomfortable is the page will use the language of the country where you stay, but the language is probably not the language you’re quite skilled at using, for example, French…It really took me quite a while to find a place to start my first blogging. What’s worse is I find out the place where I can change the language into English during my writing…Well, no mention of it anymore, I think I will like here.

Well, something about myself, I’ve been studying International Trade for the past 4 years, and recently I’ve studied Wine Business for around 1 year in Burgundy School of Business, Dijon, France. But don’t worry about the language, everything in this program is in English, that’s why I dared to come here with only some very basic French. Since I’m about to finish my study in just 1 month, I’d better talk something about my professional future. Well, luckily, I’ve found an internship in south of France, in a city called Pénézas. I’m sure none of you know it, so I don’t mind bothering to explain it a little to you, well, this is a city to the left of Montpellier, or of Provence if you don’t know Montpelier, or of Cote d’Azur if you don’t know Provence, etc, etc…It’s a six months intern about Exportation of wine from France to China. It must be very challenging, and also I would benefit quite a lot from it for sure. I probably will go back to China to start my international business after it. Hope it would be something about wine since wine marketing in China has sound potential, and one of the reason I came here to learn wine is that I don’t want to involve myself in the trade like socks, shoes, cloths, kitchen knives…you know…those things made in China, wine trade is much more attractive than those.

Well, since it’s my first blog, I don’t want it to be lengthy, or as we Chinese say:”like the rag twinging old women’s feet—long and stink!” So I’ll end it here, but remember, “I’ll be back!”

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